I don't know!
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At times I feel like a creeper being on here. Then I realize that by being here ,loving the work of others, we are all kind of Creeps.

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The Art of Tenia: Enthomology of Illusion

Gianluca Gambino, a.k.a. Te Nia  is a 28 year old illustrator working in a graphic design agency in Sicily (Italy) designing video game characters for French and German companies. This industrious young man, art enthusiast since his childhood, is a self-taught graphic designer who translates his overflowing imagination with the help of a graphic tablet and Photoshop. His universe is dark, creative and eye-catching. Behind the name ‘Tenia’ is Gianluca Gambino, this dual identity echoing the distinctive characters her creates. The duality of man and life is at the center of Tenia’s work, as humans hesitate between good and evil, life and death. But the second pair of eyes brings to focus the world of divination and illusion. Each image reminds of an occult Barnum & Bailey Circus, with its bunch of vintage fortune tellers, puppeteers, escape artists and other Freak Show characters.